About BG

Brianna Goldberg is a writer and radio producer from Toronto. Her work has appeared in places like Jezebel, Salon, both of Canada’s national newspapers and all three radio services of Canada’s public broadcaster.

Starting in 2010 she kicked off a bit of a globetrotting thing: B set off for a year in the Caribbean and then in October 2011 she started working from Abuja, Nigeria. Now she’s back in Toronto.

She co-edited EAT IT: Food, Sex and Women’s Writing, published in fall 2013 by The Feathertale Review. And she’s got a bunch of other stuff on the go.

You can find out more about her work, her clippings/reel, her favourite foods and other things at B’s official website.

Or you can send her a note at brianna (dot) goldberg (at) gmail .